Friday, November 24, 2006

Audible happiness

I dunno, it's probably me, but I find myself losing patience with a lot of threads on woodworking fora at the mo'. I'm in danger of turning into one of those old cumudgeons who poo-poos everything so instead I find myself refraining from commenting on anything just to avoid that particular Slippery Slope. I mean ten pages on sharpening when everyone'd got the gist within two was bad enough, but three pages on how best to store your planes - sole down or on their sides - is going to far isn't it? It may seem like a couple of millennia since I last used a plane in anger, but I seem to recall that when I do I'm busy thinking about the work, not the orientation of the damn plane on the damn bench. And anyway there's a layer of shavings to put the thing down on when I'm using it. Tsk, I blame the precision school of woodworking for the problem. Nothing but shavings of one or two thou ain't going to make a nice comfy bed for a #75 never mind a decent plane.

And yeah, you may assume a "Bah, humbug" or two if you like; it'd be nothing short of the truth I fear. D'you realise it's a month til Crimbo? Ye gods, and here's me still stalled in the starting gates. I wonder if folks would welcome a surprise Christmas gift in, say, February...?

On the other hand, just to momentarily haul me out of my trough of despondency, a minor bit of serendipity. I admit it didn't start out auspiciously 'cos I was pretty sure I'd over-paid for a job lot of mixed planes in a fit of insanity. Largely wooden moulders, and it turned out some of them were homemade (never trust someone trying to sell you planes in the darkest corner of their kitchen...), but on closer examination one of them stepped into a breach in a most timely manner so I warmed to them a bit more and looked a little closer at the only metal example - the bulk of a Record #044. I say the bulk, but that doesn't include more than one blade. On the other hand, to make up as it were, it did have a healthy load of extra rust as compensation. Hah hum. As it stands I don't have a complete example of a 044. I've got one that's oh-so close, but it's shy the 1/8" blade. Could it possibly be...? No need to still my beating heart 'cos I''ve been here before and been disappointed; when you're a combination plane, ah hum, "accumulator", you get used to missing parts, duplicate parts and the latter never quite fulfilling the role of the former. But hey, you still gotta try every time, haven't you? So I tried.


And yes, I think an audio special effect is a first for this blog...


  1. I wsa beginning to think ot was only me finding the fora a bit tiresome at the moment. Maybe it'll pick up after crimbo. Ho Hum

  2. Mike Wenzloff (MikeW)11/24/2006 10:28:00 pm

    I think this too--which is why my posting rate on the various forums has dropped of late, even more than it had.

    I also think that sharing is in your blood, Alf. And perhaps the new endeavors help fill the need to share?

    In any case, I enjoy your posts and now the articles are wonderful!

    Take care, Mike

  3. I put it all down to the weather. If you're anything like me, you'll be miserable 'till the Spring when the sun comes out again. Till then, keep the blogs coming - they're always a good read.


    Paul Chapman

  4. Fear not Al, it's not just you!
    I just can't seem to get excited about anything at the moment-must be the time of the year;)
    Best regards

  5. God be praised, "i'm not the only"!! I nearly choked on my cornflakes when I read the 'how to store your plane' thread.

    Hand tool forum is usually my favourite, and where I like to post the most often, but I would say the last 2 months have been very poor, hence my hardly ever posting or reading for that matter.

    I can now feel safe that there are others who feel the same thing, I best now go and think of exciting new topics.

    'What color are your chisel handels?' Only joking :-)

  6. Well, gentlemen, now I'm torn between being relieved it's not just me and thinking "oh dear, it's not just me"... ;)

  7. You are, none of you, the only ones. But if we all sit back and cease posting, where will it all end, eh?

    I've actually posted more (on UK Workshop, that is) in the last two weeks than in the previous two months, in an effort to generate some action. And it's a thankless, dispiriting task. I posted what I thought was an excellent link to the David Marks video meeting with Krenov and Carpenter and got not one single response despite 200 viewings of the message. Only when Lord David of Charlesworth chipped in did it provoke a short-lived flurry of interest.

    But you've got to keep trying... there'll always be a dado thread, but the more-civilized end of our chosen obsession needs all the help it can get.

    Keep the faith, brothers and sisters.

    Pete W (who hasn't been in the workshop in over a month)

  8. Now it probably is really only me who avoids threads once His Lordship puts in an appearance - and not just to avoid drowning in the merchandising plugs...

  9. david charlesworth12/01/2006 07:05:00 pm

    Well Pete, I viewed the Krenov interview and enjoyed it a lot so your efforts were much appreciated.

    Thank you.

    David Charlesworth


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