Monday, November 20, 2006

Many happy returns

Tsk, I'm getting to be a very intermittant blogger these days, aren't I? Be thankful - you wouldn't enjoy it if I was blogging every day, moaning and whining about this and that. You're lucky to get the edited version of yours truly, wish I did...

'Twas the Old Man's birthday yesterday and, as predicted, he'd forgotten all about the corner brace so it came as a pleasant surprise and the necessary Brownie points were awarded as expected. Better still the wind howled and the rain came down, so I didn't miss any good tool hunting while enjoying a nice meal at a local hotel... Can't ask for more than that really, can you? Chuckle. Both my brothers and sisters-in-law also came down so we were en masse which is always good fun. Not least 'cos you can get an awful lot of mileage teasing my elder bro... On the other hand my studious nephews were missed - just when we'd got my mum trained to answer in the affirmative to a bread roll even if she didn't want one in order to pass it to a "boy", there she was finding herself plus bread roll but minus grandson. Whoops. Wood-related stuff though, was thin on the ground. There was an oak long case clock of the granddaughter size that I could have sworn sounded nine at noon, but it didn't haven't many other distinguishing features. Sigh. Times like this you could really do with living up country where there's a bit more timber used in buildings.

Oh, but on the other hand one of the Old Man's gifts was a Fein MultiMaster which might come in handy some time. Now don't look at me like that; I was good and haven't even picked it up yet, never mind pestering him for a "go".

Plenty of time for that, after all...


  1. A corner brace and a Fein MultiMaster - he did well. I've wanted one of those MultiMasters for a long time. When it's coming up to my birthday I'll have to try dropping into conversations: "Guess what - Alf's Old Man got a Fein MultiMaster for his birthday...." But seeing as my family won't have a clue who Alf's Old Man is or what a Fein MultiMaster is, it will probably fall on deaf ears. Perhaps a less subtle approach is called for...

    Paul Chapman

  2. Before you pick up a MultiMaster make sure you have plenty in the bank - replacement blades are ruinously expensive and they don't last that long - or is that just me? Nice tool though, invaluable in some situations. I managed to cut out the panels from the sides of someone's coffee table (some native artisan had put it together with what looked like plastic metal, so I couldn't get the b*gg*r apart!) and turn them into drawer fronts without having to augment the edges to fit - it just looks like normal drawer face clearance.

  3. Heh heh - the Old Man's "less subtle" approach was simply to order it himself and then say "that's what I'm having". Certainly effective...


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