Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Drawer diversion

Surprisingly enough I have managed to get a teeny thing or two done in the workshop - you know the sort. The oddments that take a disproportionate amount of time to do for the size of task and yet once they're done you wonder why you didn't get on and do it earlier 'cos it's such an improvement. One such was turning two shallow drawers into one deep one able to take "some" of the bench planes on their soles and convenient to seize up and use (hollow laughter is permitted here). Previously they'd been on their sides and inconvenient. Actually that's not strictly true; previously they'd been in the tool chest but I couldn't get into the tool chest at the moment even if I wanted to there's so much gubbins heaped on top.

T'was but the work of several hours to remove one drawer and cunningly attach its false front on top of the remaining one to preserve the illusion of equally-sized drawers. It'll be fine as long as I don't try to open the drawer by the top, "false" handles too often - it's a fairly heavy load in there.

That left me with a spare drawer box and set of runners, but as I was cobbling together the original and discarded base from the Old Man's workbench and some ply to make a bit of bench top, it wasn't too appallingly difficult to fit the drawer to it while I was at it, and thus made some very welcome additional storage space. Nope, it's not by any stretch of the imagination pretty, but it is solid and didn't cost me a bean, so heck, I can live with ugly.

Not costing a bean was an important factor - as is so often the case when you've just spent a sum of money (cage), other things started falling apart in all directions such as the DVD recorder and other items of Expense. Naturally this also tends to happen in the run-up to Christmas rather than, say, July when the demands on the budget are much lessened. Damn you Murphy and your Law... One consolation is at least there's no Axminster Show this year so I'm not looking down the barrel of a show with no funds to furnish the party bag with goodies.

Meanwhile the cage still glowers in the corner:

And Bertie still waggles his wings in concern in his old cage:

He's greatly enjoying pomegranates at the moment (one look at the state of his perches would tell you that; the juce goes everywhere), so perhaps enough slices of same in the new cage will lessen his horror. I've also got in another new example of his favourite type of toy with similar bribery in mind. Nevertheless, I forsee a long and protracted propaganda campaign will be required before feathered foot steps willingly into powder-coated Cage of Doom. Oh well, early days yet...


  1. Bertie's quite a handsome lad, isn't he. Does he say much (other than "I've no intention of stepping inside that powder-coated new cage!")?

    Paul Chapman

  2. Perhaps the addition of some false sides to that drawer would lessen the likelihood of the false front coming loose, needn't be full length nor full height but would give support to the upper drawer front.



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