Monday, November 06, 2006

Sing like birds i' the cage

Methinks The Reader will be thinking I've forgotten him. 'Tis not so, just seems that way. I mean really, do we want this Blog to turn into the virtual equivalent of the old lady in the doctor's waiting room who buttonholes you and starts listing all her ailments and medical predicaments? No, I thought not. So just assume workshop time is - again - curtailed. Dammit.

On the plus side, we now Have Parrot Cage. Unfortunately not the colour we waited three weeks for - nope, turns out one didn't turn up with the supplier's last order and it'd be another 5 weeks. Grrrr. Well as 3 weeks guaranteed nothing there was no reason to suppose an 8 week wait would be any better, and perhaps the colour that was available would be unavailable by then, so on the principle that a cage in the hand... So it sits there, dark and menacing, while Bertie does his best "I'm a poor little fledgling, save me" wing-waggling routine in sheer horror. Jolly good fun putting one of these darn things together; if you were brought up on Meccano. I wasn't. Took the best part of a day, what with having to clean it all first in case of evil anti-parrot germs thereon - yea, even unto the very nuts and bolts. The things I do for these birds...

Anyway, I shall try and actually keep the resolution I made this time last week, and blog faithfully the Whole Week. After all, it's our second anniversary on Wednesday; please supply your own party hats. With luck I won't be in quite such Bardish mood by tomorrow, so that's something to look forward to at least...

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  1. Having shared your and Bertie's frustration all these weeks, will we get to see a picture of the lad in his new cage??

    Paul Chapman


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