Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Baby, it's cold outside

A while back I came across a discussion of favoured braces, and one chap voted for a make that eludes my memory, but rather than the familiar hardwood handle on the crank, instead favoured the bulge-in-the-metal variety. Like this one on the wagon builder's brace I picked up a while back:

Yes, that bit furthest away from the camera. We'll call it an arty shot as opposed to a helpful one, 'kay?

Anyway, as I currently find the skin of my hand fusing to any metal handle I unwisely grasp, and the bones within freezing to so many shards of ice, I came to a rapid conclusion about this choice.

It may be a fortuitous location or just a really good heater, but this guy has a really well heated w'shop.

I don't. It's cold out there. That's why I'm in here.

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  1. Alf, I think John Manners at one point said that oldtimers used to wrap a rag 'round that handle to reduce the friction. I've only one brace with that feature (so-called Scotch brace), and bought it purely because I really like the shape. It's not bad in a warm shop, but I reach for a Spofford with pewter-ringed handle first.


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