Friday, March 29, 2013


It's that time of year for tricky decisions.

Easter eggs?
Marples 12in draw knife with egg-shaped beech handles.

Or Easter Bunnies?
Veritas detail rabbet planes. 

Amongst the classier-looking Veritas tools, without a doubt, and very cute, those little bunnies. Only problem is I've yet to think of a task I'll ever attempt that they, and only they, can do. Can't decide whether that's because I have too many other tools (I do) or whether it's because the little woodworking I attempt is so pedestrian. 

It's the last one, isn't it? Ack.

But they're so cute.

Anyway, Happy whatever you choose as your favoured "Huzzah, it's Spring at last!" celebration. 


  1. Are the bunnies part of a breeding programme you've got going on, and if so can I buy one of the progeny - I'll look after it!


  2. I've got one of those bunnies as well and they are extremely cute...haven't got a scoobies what to do with it though, but I'll think of something!


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