Wednesday, March 06, 2013


You know those toys for kiddies where they have to put the right shaped piece in the correct shaped hole? Here's one for w'shop owning grown-ups.

Just needs a "No idea what this it, but it may come in handy" slot to be perfect.

The idea is to ease the pain of the first stage of sorting outing out the inevitable pile of mixed hardware that always seems to accumulate. All it needs is a suitably enthusiastic - but careful and responsible - kiddie to go with it to do the actual sorting.

The How It Works is very simple, once you realise. Definitely need to line up your categories so you don't have the smallest drawer for something you have a lot of. Such as the "No idea what this it, but it may come in handy" things.

Right, that's your lot today. Got an eye test and I haven't revised...


  1. Yebut what happens if you feed a slack handful of screws into the slot?'d then have a 'screwjam' as the offending hardware would build up higher than the partition. Alternatively, you could conceivably have a 'nailjam'...and then supposed you had a left-handed bracket that didn't fit the right handed slot?
    Should have gone to Specsavers...

    1. Clearly you've considerable expertise in this, Rob. Is tomorrow too soon to send my mixed hardware for sorting? :-D


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