Friday, March 01, 2013

Got It Taped

Looking up the Japanese files/rasps that everyone got excited about a while back, it turns out Googling "Iwasaki"can present you with quite unexpected things:

Don't know about you, but just about now I'm feeling pretty inadequate about the uses I've put duct tape to...

Yet more intricate and extraordinary work here. I dunno whether I'd call it art exactly, but as ever, miniature things are always oddly appealing. Even if they're electricity pylons sprouting from tooth brushes.


  1. Al, I've just got hold of some of the WH rasps...very, very good and without the eye watering price tag of some of the other European hand cut rasps.

    1. Ah, well I already have some Iwasaki's - got them a while back. I was just trying to remember *what* I'd got! I looked at the WH ones, but really the only rasp I can (barely) claim to "need" is a rat tail, and that's out of stock. But I will keep it in mind - the price tag of the Auriou does make the eye water somewhat.


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