Monday, March 26, 2007

Panel Plane

Well due to unprecedented demand... Erm, or not. Anyway:

Mainly maple, I think (it was free) with cherry wedges which were going to go with the tote I eventually decided not to fit. I've never yet made a wedge look like I wish it would - they've all been ugly as sin. Not really modeled on any one example in the end. You could argue not really modeled at all, more "slung together"...

Measurements are 9 1/4" long, 3" wide, iron 2" wide and 1/8" thick, 30° skew, 50° bedding angle.

Got in a hopeless tangle with the sole shape and fence so ended up having to stick an extra bit on, which ain't elegant but does function. The moral of the story is don't go from not having made a plane at all for years to a skewed, profiled sole one first off. The iron is of unknown parentage but was 50 new pence from a local surplus place so who's complaining? An old file provided the nicker blade.

Considering I didn't have anything a sane person would describe as a plan, and what I did have I didn't stick to, it's a minor miracle it actually works at all.

Oh, and in between waiting for the glue to dry and such, I finally finished the page on the Record 044. Saw till's still doorless though...


  1. Looks wonderfully made, Alf! Looks to work great as well.

    So...gonna use it on the saw till...?

    Take care, Mike

  2. Bravo!! Beat me to it...... ;)

  3. Very smart indeed!

    Looks like your beat me to the monday completion challenge, after reading the article you sent me I decided that I would mull it over for a few days as it looked quite complicated, maybe this will spur me into action over the weekend!

    Not jealous at all!

    Good job Alf!

  4. Al
    Meant to ask - so the recent interest in power tools. Was this plane the reason for that? The table saw is very handy for clean accurate mitres.

  5. Looks great. What is it with all the keenies making planes all of a sudden?


  6. Adam said:
    Looks great. What is it with all the keenies making planes all of a sudden?

    Just trying to show they are a cut above the others perhaps? :)

    Good Job Alf, Spring shed time is bringing out the best.


  7. Phil, honest truth, I had absolutely no intention of making a plane until the seeds of the thought were planted on Thursday, so it's not to blame! As it happens I used the SCMS for the bed angles (which meant dismantling the tent of course - d'oh) and hand plane and eye for the profile. Can't trust the Maxi...


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