Friday, March 02, 2007

Thank you

The thank you gift made last weekend has safely arrived, so I can now reveal it without spoiling the surprise. Well kind of anyway. I thought I'd go black & white so, should it end up as part of an article, I won't have totally spoilt the "ooo" factor and you still have colour to look forward to. I'm too good to you, really I am...

Those familiar with the work of those craftsmen I think of as "galoots' galoots" may spot the heavy influence of Brian Buckner. Scroll down a bit (pausing to drool as you do so) - I've wanted to make one like it for simply years and never thought I'd even come close. Just for once I'm quietly satisfied I waited long enough for ability to catch up with vision. It helped that taking extra care came naturally as the recipient is more than deserving of copious thanks and I had a strong desire to please. Apparently I did, so good result all round. And yes, I admit it was packed up PDQ before attachment to it became too strong. But hey, it'd never have fitted in the saw till...


  1. That's a real cracker, Alf.


    Paul Chapman

  2. Wot, no nib!?!

    Just kidding - 'tis a thing of beauty, but more details would be appreciated... you know, length, tpi, cut, choice of handle wood.

    You can't really expect us to wait on the chance of an article somewhen!

  3. Really cool saw, Alf! Always wanted to make one. Handle looks extra comfy. And I like the B&W photo.

    Take care, Mike

  4. Funnily enough I fully intended to give it a nib, until I took out the piece of saw blade I had in mind and realised it was a sway back - nibs just look wrong on 'em.

    Blade length is 11 1/2" iirc, 10ppi, x-cut, rosewood.

  5. Hi Alf,

    That's a great saw. It's quite the tool I look for ... for my saw collec... If someone would choose to make a copy of it, which thickness of blade should he be looking for and how long would the saw be?

    Marc, drooling in b&w


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