Saturday, March 03, 2007


Now I said I'd keep my views on Little Victor private, but you may read into it what you will that I took time out today to make Vic a hat:

Another functional-but-not-pretty project. Purpleheart to sort of match his coat.

I also tidied up the mess left over from the express woodworking and had a general tidy up, all long overdue. The uncluttered work surfaces didn't last long though, as I've got out and set up every single one of my metal plough and combination planes. Madness of course, but the plan is to have a real crack at assembling a basic how-to on using them and I thought it might be easier if they were all laid out and ready to go. One day I'll make them a home where they can all be ready to go like this all the time, with all their respective blades and accessories right there to use too. One day... In the meantime I really want to get this right and as useful as possible - there's a big gaping hole where it ought to be and I'm not sure an edited-to-fit article of 900 words max. is going to cut it.

Anyway, as I had them all together a family photo seemed a nice idea. If you're bored you might like to see if you can identify them all - answers next week.

And before you say it, yes, of these I'm a collector...


  1. Al
    I really don't know what to say......;)
    Glad to see you getting the old boat anchors out! And I look forward to your "How-To".

  2. A good How-To is so very needed and because I know you know that, it was unneeded for me to say...

    What a wonderful thing for you to do because, well, it's needed.

    Question. If you are a collector of boat anchors--and I'm not saying you are even though you do [g]--once you write a guide to usage, are you really a collector?

    Can't wait. And the heck with 900 words. Aside from the web, there's gotta be a magazine which would welcome it...maybe as a few part series? Chris, are you listening?

    Take care, Mike

  3. It looks even more cute with a hat:)

    Nice collection of Boat Anchors, Alf, and no.9 looks in as new condition. I'm sure a lot of people would welcome your guide.


    Paul Chapman

  4. Right, I'll have a go at guessing what they all are.
    1. Record #50
    2. Record #50
    3. Record #043
    4. Record #043
    5. Stanley #50
    6. Stanley #50
    7. Lewin
    8. Stanley #45
    9. Record #405
    10. Stanley #46
    11. Stanley #55


    Paul Chapman

  5. Can I change my mind, please? I now think that nos. 1 & 2 are Record #044s because I see that the blade adjusting screw fits underneath the blades.


    Paul Chapman

  6. Mike, if necessary I'll shun the lure of mammon and go back to my old habit of just posting the bloomin' thing on't web, free, gratis and for nothing. To be honest it's a lot easier and more fun...

  7. initial thought is to chase the fun. Helps stave off the monotony in doing sameness.

    Then for me there's always the practical side which rears up.

    I guess half the challenge is finding ways to make sameness intersting enough to fight monotony.

    It's 6 am. Please forgive my coffee-starved ramblings.

    Take care, Mike

  8. Nice collection err composition Alf! I've got a real affinity for the little records. I've got two 044's and I'm looking for a cleaner version of the 043. Mine's nowhere near as pretty as yours.

    Dave (ydb1md)


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