Wednesday, December 12, 2012


It's 12/12/12!

And not even the Americans disagree. Unless someone rustles up a thirteenth month next year, that's your lot now until 2101. So, yeah, not going to be an issue for most of us.

Next significant date is supposed to be 21/12/12 (More significant if you're American, funnily enough). End of the world, according to the Mayans. Why we're suddenly taking notice of the Mayans when we've cheerfully ignored them for centuries, I have no idea, but if it means we avoid Christmas, I don't mind. An asteroid must be favourite, and no Patrick Moore to tell us about it. Now there's an omen. So book now to avoid getting left out...


  1. 12/12/12 came and went here in New Zealand with nary a hitch or glitch.

    If you like I'll give a "heads-up" or should that be a "heads-down" when 21/12/12 gets here, seeing as we'll get it first.

    Stephen Ruddock
    Am Mayan in NZ?

  2. Spoilers, Stephen? Tsk. :)


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