Friday, December 21, 2012

Tour De Frankly Nuts

I may have shared this one before, from the 1925 Woodworker. But anyway, for the benefit of those really dedicated to the electrickery-free woodworking life but who would sooner cut off their arm than be without their bandsaw.

And with this, there's probably every chance you could do just that...


  1. It's pretty bare-bones, though. They are missing interesting accessory opportunities like brakes, mudguards as blade guards, or handlebars for blade adjustment. Or a bell for safety.
    -John Vernier

  2. Think it must be a racing bandsaw... ;)

  3. I missed how I am supposed to get the blade through the rear triangle. A bicycle chain comes apart and goes back together.

    Bill Johnson

  4. Ok, I'm making one. That's pretty cool.

  5. I wonder if it could be turned on it's side mounted on a track and used as a sawmill? I can just see Charlie Chaplin peddling madly as Simon Legree shoves the apparatus down the log toward Pearl Pureheart.
    But then again I've spending my time off in lots of idle thought.


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