Thursday, December 13, 2012

Octopi On The Blog Again

All this countdown to the holiday season, and I've singularly failed to blog anything festive yet. Tsk. So, given that it's carrying both a tool and a tree and thus about the most relevant post this blog has seen in days, how about an Ax Wielding Octopus?

Because nothing says Christmas like Ax Wielding Octopi, am I right? Although admittedly, in this picture, he/she/it looks a little like he/she/it is contemplating ending it all with said edge tool, rather than going on a tree felling spree. Which, from a certain (cynical) angle, maybe says a lot about Christmas too...

Or is that just me?

Yet more extraordinary creations in felt viewable here, and the maker's website. Amazing and amusing, which is always a good combination.

1 comment:

  1. Finally, another Cynic!

    I have to say, seeing a cretacian ending it all in front of the tree would certainly make for a season to remember. My guess is that he'd probably be crying, wearing a Santa hat, have a bottle of gin in another tentacle, would be babbling something that was angry and incoherent, and gesticulating angrily at the radiator, front door, and the crown molding.

    Throw in a tipped over bowl of pretzels, a table on fire from a tipped over candle,
    three crying children,
    two turtle doves,
    and a big, dead octopiiiiii...

    I need more coffee, clearly.

    Survive the season as best you can, Alf. You're not alone.


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