Friday, October 31, 2008

I Still Aten't Dead

Yes, I'm making like Granny Weatherwax, and metaphorically putting a placard round my neck to reassure anyone wondering; I am still in the land of the living, as hale and hearty as I ever am (but lets not go into that...) and totally without any woodworking activity to blog about. 

The pile of unopened woodworking magazine subs and catalogues continues to grow; side rebate and skew rebates remain unopened in their boxes. Please don't throw things over the latter, I beg you. I'm well aware that it's extremely galling to read such news if you're counting the days to Christmas and hoping that Santa will do the decent thing and leave one or other of same under the tree and not a pair of socks and the Top Gear Best Driving Songs CD - if you're lucky. Old Tool list emails are being deleted unread and I'm barely logging in to any forums at all; so after making the effort last month, I've contrived to drop right out of the loop yet again. In short, it'll be open to debate as to whether I can call myself "woodworker" at all at this rate. Ho hum.

At some point I must update on the rusty chisel situation and some excellent customer service from Matthew at Workshop Heaven. But I'm saving that to prove I'm still breathing next month...