Monday, December 05, 2005

Bench mark

Slow, but tangible, progress on the bench-on-bench. It's not a thing of beauty, but by gum, it's solid. Maybe it's just me, but it somehow has a sort of Japanese feeling to it. Maybe it's the low height... The "legs" are not yet glued together and I haven't even begun on the twin screw vice yet, which is bound to be fun. Sigh. As ever I was deluding myself that something could be a quick project... While hunting round t'net for some further ideas, I stumbled across this article which has one or two tips. I wondered about adding a base of ply to act as a metal working/tool cleaning alternative top, but I'm not sure I can take the extra height that'd entail. As it is, it's turned out I prefer something lower than perhaps I'd expected. Too high and aspects of the female anatomy can hamper free movement in sawing and so forth... For the same reasons, you might often find female galoots preferring a ratcheting brace even when the full swing of the brace isn't blocked by outside influences :~) Not something that ever occurred to the usual run of galoot, I'm betting. And I beg you, don't dwell on it!

As far as the vice screws go, I'm starting to have doubts as to whether the 3/4" tap and die I have will be big enough for the task. I suppose I can always replace them with something sturdier if they break.

In case you're marvelling at the presence of the LN in the pic, it did a marvellous job of cleaning up the end grain of the top. I find I'm thinking of it more and more as a larger size of block plane, which has come as a bit of a surprise. The LV bevel-up family were out in force to level up the top, and work together as a team very well. The final pass with the BUS brought out some super depth in the figure of the ex-door frame I'm using for the legs - quite made me stop and go "wow". Kind of wish I hadn't used it for this job now! Oh well, hindsight is always 20/20.


  1. Slow, but tangible, progress on the bench-on-bench.

    Wozzat den?

    BugBear (who obviously reads less magazines than you)

  2. Fewer magazines? You read less of the forum than I do that's the trouble - and you're really missing out too. Okay, here's Adam's and the latest from WiZeR. I call it a bench-on-bench in a misguided furniture-stylee "chest-on-chest" kinda way.


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