Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Small World

Make a little progress, get a little back ache... So a non-workshop day, however I didn't tell you about the irony, did I? Spent a good deal of Saturday moving tools from one surface to another while first one and then another piece of workshop "furniture" was relocated and while so doing I positively swore I'd never buy another tool.

On Sunday I came home with these:

What can I say? First decent chisels and saws I've seen in months and the thirsty traveller in the desert doesn't walk by the first oasis on the off-chance there'll be a better one further along. Spent more than I would have done not long ago too, but the way things are round here... Anyway, not a bad Spear & Jackson "Spearior" 22" 10pt panel saw, I Sorby 12" back saw (gotta love the Mr Punch mark on I Sorby stuff) and as yet unidentified 3/8", 1/2" and 1" bevel-edged chisels - I'll take no money on one of them being a Marples. As it happens there's an interesting coincidence there. A few years ago I got a pile of stuff from a character called Archer (lots of "R J Archer" stamps on everything). Well no prizes for guessing the owner's mark on one of the chisel handles. Small world, Cornwall.


  1. Small world indeed Alf,

    One of my pupil's grandpa deceased and so the family headed for thereover last week for the funerals and yes, grandfather lived in Cornwall. But no, his name is not Archer.

    I love the Sorby back saw, it looks gorgeous. If one day you can separate from her... give me a call :-)

    Marc in Luxembourg

    Wishing you, your back ache is gone by now.

  2. yeah, 'cause you need more saws and chisels about as much as I do!

  3. Marc, when I get her cleaned up we'll see ;)

    Anon, you coward, you! :P

    Nick, still working for me. Maybe your end?

  4. sorry, didn't mean to be anon;
    I forget to sign...


  5. Well there was a good chance it was you ;)


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