Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Yes, yes, so it's nearly a fortnight now... The pics are waiting in anticipation on the hard-drive and the spirit is willing. Alas, as is so often the case, the flesh is weak. But a taster of the mini-bashers made for the mini-bash which was easily the highlight of the trip - lots of pics from that to come. Eventually.


  1. Ah, my life is near complete...Alf has posted again!

    Mrs. W and I think those were/are the coolest gifts you made. What a wonderful idea and execution. Lovely little buggers.

    Glad you're back. I'll await the other pics patiently. Yep. I really will...

    Take care, Mike

  2. I too think that the mini bashers are great. Lovely idea.

  3. I'm lucky enough to have one of the mini-bashers and they really are as nice as they look in the picture. Thanks Alf.


    Paul Chapman

  4. I, too, am a lucky Mini-Basher owner. I can tell (and wait for it..........) that they were a HIT!
    I'll get me coat,
    Philly :)

  5. Good to see you back on line and I love the minibashers.

  6. I chose the mallet top right in the picture and din't really appreciate the work that went into it until I got it home later, work of art and nicely finished.

    Now has pride of place in front of the pc so I can see it when logged onto the site here or UKworkshop.

    Great fun, thanks Alf !!!

    Cheers, Paul


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