Friday, July 06, 2007

Going equipped

Yes, as Anon said, the answer to the trivia was indeed "How To Steal a Million", which shows Audrey "going equipped" for burglary with brace and bit; and what appear to be a file, hacksaw, dynamite and a jemmy (crowbar, 'Murricans and others). The silly thing is no such equipment is used in the entire film, but there you go, since when did Hollywood worry about that sort of thing? Console yourself with gazing at Ms Hepburn or Mr O'Toole, as the preference takes you.

It was drawn to my attention as I was trying to force a quart of DVDs in the half pint pot of my DVD shelf. Knew the darn thing was too small the moment I finished it...


  1. Hi Alf,

    Look closely at how Audrey holds the brace. Quite impossible, isn't it?

    Marc, near to summer vacation...

  2. Speaking of movies, I see where the late Sir Laurence Olivier's Henry V (from 1944) has been digitally restored to former glory, and will be released later this summer.;jsessionid=ZR054L3RY3QNHQFIQMFSFFWAVCBQ0IV0?xml=/news/2007/07/20/nhenry120.xml

    "...we few, we happy few, we band of brothers...."

    Should be wonderful



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