Friday, February 08, 2008

Craft, but not as we know it

Tsk. 'Tis a bleak world when the only workshop time is 2 minutes to test for someone whether the cutters for the Veritas plough plane might fit a Record 045C. And the only manual skill needed is the ability to roll pastry. 

But hey, keep the Old Man happy and it goes a long way to keeping the patient happy too. And yes, he asked if I was going to run a bead round it. I would have, but scratch stocks are notoriously poor performers in soft pastry...


  1. That looks rather yummy, Alf.


    Paul Chapman

  2. Looks to me like you have a little cleaning up to do...Plane Irons are not intended for use on soft pastry. Hope that your mum gets around to feeling better soon.



  3. Having done so well with the figures decorating your pastry shell, perhaps when time allows you should explore your secret talent for relief carving?

    Watching you care so well for your folks - and the pic - remind me of an old jingle from the Pillsbury company: 'nothing is as loving as something from the oven...'

    Ata gal!

  4. you have me hungry just looking at that piece of culinary craftsmanship.

  5. wow, yummy.its good. impressive.
    Thanks and Regards,

  6. C'mon Alf, if you don't put up a new blog post, I will have to stop coming here - everytie I look at this one, I feel like gooing out and buying a meat pie!! Not good for the figure....

    BTW I hope this lack of posting just means that you are writing something for LV and not that things haven't gone according to plan for your Mum!!



  7. Folks, it's possible that the look of the thing was the best bit... ;-)


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