Tuesday, July 08, 2008


My, weren't you folks on the ball? Yep, the 'roo is Mr Robert Sorby's (Kangaroo Works, of course). Mr Punch the trademark introduced around 1870 for I(saac) Sorby, long since taken over by one of many subsequent firms even then. Here's a nice clear I Sorby example from an earlier post:

Extra bonus marks for naming another Sorby firm and its animal trademark...?

And the Elephant without parallel is indeed, Tyzack, Sons & Turner. Of which I have a few examples, but strangely no handy piccy. Heigh ho.

Apologies for the tardy update; another animal is causing concern chez Alf and it slipped my mind. Doesn't look too good for our cat, Polly. Her seventeen years appear to be catching up with her... :-(


  1. Sad news about Polly:-( I reckon cats are great pets - so independent yet so much a part of the family and it's very sad when their time is up. Whenever we lose one we always say "Never again" - but get another one within a couple of weeks. Can't imagine life without a cat. Give her a cuddle from us......


    Paul Chapman

  2. Googled and found "I & H Sorby" with a sheep as a trade mark. Is that the one?


    Paul Chapman

  3. Alf,

    My last cat lived almost twenty years. In the end, she just sort of ran out of steam; no apparent distress or discomfort, she just gradually slipped away. When she was too weak to get up, I moved her water dish next to her so she could lean over and drink. She still purred whenever I petted her. Finally, in the middle of the night, she died.

    I have put down a horse and two dogs, but I could not bring myself to that decision for that old grimalkin. Her life was hers to end as she saw fit, and she never indicated to me a need for my intervention.

    They are the noblest of creatures.

    It helped me enormously to build a box for my old cat and inter her with all of the somber respect and dignity one would accord to any family member. The ancient Egyptians were on to something with their veneration of cats, and the Family Felicidae will return to you the respect you show for one of theirs.

    The little black devil who rules my household now is one of the wonders of the animal kingdom. I am truly in awe of her.

    Best wishes,

    Old Baleine

  4. Alf... without cats, we would be all the poorer in spirit and soul. Our Merlin is 19 and slowly losing steam. But that's ok, if bitter sweet. Love goes both ways with cats and for that, we are blessed.

    On the subject of Sorby, wasn't I Sorby a Roman Emperor?


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