Friday, July 16, 2010


Is there anything more tiresome than preparation for painting? And in this case, masking. Lots and lots of masking. Bolt holes plugged like the nostrils of so many Captain Blackadders, masking tape finely crafted to fit over all sorts of oddly-shaped areas of machined surface.

I started to wonder if it'd ever end. But I think it has.

Look, kiddies! Woodworking!

What d'you mean "Where?"

There. All those finely crafted lengths of dowel. Oh, and I had to bore four holes in that piece of scrap. Er, no, not scrap. I mean that custom made finishing apparatus... Hey, bits of wood were made into even smaller bits of wood - the very essence of wood butchery, no?

I thought double-sided tape on the back of the lugs to hold them on a more manageable scrap of ply was a crafty wheeze. Until I couldn't find the double-sided. I think it may be somewhere in the tool well on the bench, aka The Black Hole of Calcutta. No matter, masking tape folded over itself worked admirably.

So progress is being made. If you've delved into the comments on the last post, you'll see I have an unexpected vice lubricant suggestion - paraffin wax. It appeals to me. After all, have I not been lubricating my planes with same for yonks? Still open to other suggestions though, 'cos I believe I'm all out of Price's best household candles, so there'll be a hiatus anyway while I procure some of the necessary. Also a couple of suggestions to ease my cut-off wheel angst - thanks chaps. I shall look into it when the time comes.

Anyway, there we are, another week slips by and I haven't even started to angst about workbench design yet. Not in public anyway. Stay tuned though, 'cos it's coming. Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the blog...


  1. Surely the best vice lubricant ought to be KY Jelly. :D

  2. Nice blog! As a part time garage woodworker I'm looking forward to reading more. Another 'lubricant' that I find useful is bar hand soap (plain no fragrance). Not only for lead screws on vices but also when driving wood screws into wood. Works great!
    For masking metal parts when painting petroleum jelly on the areas that you don't want paint works.



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