Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Twice As Handy

Getting a, um, tiny sense of déjà vu all over again? Yeah, me too ;) About the only way El Presidente was going to get me to voluntarily purchase an Edge Plane was probably like this. What can say? It's small and cute and I couldn't resist.

Fully working, I gather. Haven't tried it yet. I mean, that'd require me to break my duck and use one of these confounded planes. Cripes, what happens if I like it and all my baseless prejudices are blown away?!

So to a rather safer small plane - one that doesn't work. Arguably you could say that for all my planes if you based it on the amount of board footage they've traversed in recent years, but moving on...

Isn't it sweet? El Presidente teased me with a pic of dozens of these lined up during production, and I knew I was doomed to buy one when they came out. I love the detail, although the rear tote is actually even worse than the original.

(What? Yes, okay, so Alf is bitching about the handles again. Hey, you can't say I'm not consistent. And insane. The level of tote comfort on a keyring being a little esoteric even for me.)

Quite by chance the level of detail on this one extends to a mark that looks as like as dammit to the effect you'd blench over if plane sole accidentally met nail. I rather like that. It suggests it's a user. You know, just like I am.

Right, stop that laughing at the back RIGHT NOW. Yes, you. Don't think I can't see you.

Anyway, a lot of needless whittering to say "A LV parcel came and I wasn't stung by customs." Woot!


  1. Alf,
    I have the miniature shoulder plane and I have used it to clean a small rebate to size.
    I know the LOML has the miniature edge plane as part of my Christmas presents, that will get used as well, wouldn't want to be called a collector. ;)

  2. Hmmm, that keyring plane looks like it could be made to work....

  3. I recently bought my first Veritas plane (the low angle jack plane)and I have to agree with you, the tote is just the worst. There aren't many places on the plane to put my index finger and for some reason the totes design begs it to be held with all four fingers making the situation even worse. I have to play close attention when using it or else I can't control it very well.

  4. Ro, I spent most of yesterday keep picking it up and thinking "Hmm, this isn't that far from being made into a working plane". Finally, in self defence, I had to put it on my keyring and hang it up safely out of the way!

    Kent, yup, one of the difficulties of the bevel up planes is the lack of somewhere to put the pointing forefinger. No solution that I've found yet, but you do kinda get used to it. Although perhaps, on reflection, it may help explain why I've never yet quite got comfortable with edge jointing using a BU jointer. (Oh, and I like the looks of your tool cabinet, btw!)

  5. Those are cute tools.

    BTW are you feeling okay? To what do we owe the honour of 3 post so far this month? :D


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