Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Miniature redux

Been a bit busy during the last week. So busy, in fact, that step-by-step pics have fallen by the wayside. I know, the horror. The idea was if I didn't do them it'd speed things up and I'd be able to focus more. Yeah, well, all I can say is I've never made this many mistakes in so little cubic inches of timber, so maybe stopping to take photographs is a better idea. On the other hand, the main focus of my hopelessness may never be fit for public viewing and thus no public record may be a blessing... I've been doing a few other odds and ends as well, so some of them may yet venture into the spotlight.

Meanwhile, I fell over a plane that should have featured in the earlier round of Miniature Madness that engulfed this blog not long since. Except I couldn't find it. Although when I say fell over it, a leprechaun would be hard-pressed to stub his toe on this one.

It's a small round plane with top escapement, made by the patternmaker who was the source of my Mother Lode of tools some years ago. The one with the artistic tool handles. Due in no small part, I believe, to the fact that my eye lit on this little gem and exclaimed over it, he ended up depositing about half his entire hand tool kit into my care.

Constructed in two halves, basic wedge and an iron made from goodness knows what scrap of blade or whathaveyou. Simples. Works a treat too.


  1. What a lovely little plane. So simple yet so perfect for the job it's designed for. Wonderful.

    You've also got me thinking about saws with the previous post...I need to dump the hardpoints and reclaim an lovely old saw...when I get the time!



  2. That blade looks to me an awful lot like the remains of one of these http://www.axminster.co.uk/ice-bear-japanese-vee-point-marking-knife-prod20282/

    Have you got a miniature plane with a laminated blade?

  3. Nick, meant to look at it again today but it slipped my mind, however I'm fairly sure it's not laminated.


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