Wednesday, February 29, 2012


As I spent 15 minutes drilling small holes* through small bits of wood†, in order to facilitate the parrots turning them into even smaller bits of wood, I realised why it is that a drill press would be a tailed tool I would very much miss having access to.

Although I suppose I could find somewhere to put the hand-cranked one, if truly pressed. Don't take that vice away from me though - insanely useful device. (See what I did there? Can't do that with 'Murrican spelling. Arguably, why would you want to?)

It was also of minor comfort that I do occasionally get some use out of a tiny proportion of the tools in the w'shop these days. Although any comfort is somewhat offset by the reflection that this must make them the most expensive parrots toys in psittacine history...

*4mm lip'n'spur

†They may look like coloured lolly sticks to you but they're actually highly-prized exotic timbers ripped to size and hand-planed to close tolera- Okay, yes. They're coloured lolly sticks. It was only with effort that I confined myself just to those and didn't also buy the bag of self-adhesive goggly eyes and start looking speculatively at the planes.

Oh, come on. Planes with goggly eyes? What's not to like? Don't tell me you wouldn't be tempted.


  1. Hi Alf

    How is your vice attached to your drill press table, please? I can't see any bolts and surely it can't be free standing?


  2. Um... magic?

    No, I confess - it's not bolted down. I'm really, really bad at clamping stuff down when using the drill press. Except for metalwork - that I always clamp. But the vice, for this scale of work, is heavy enough not to move, and a lot safer than holding it with my hand.

  3. Personally, I LIKE the idea of putting googly eyes on one or two of my planes! Perhaps it would remind me to lighten up when I'm actually using them rather than expect perfection every time and then having to deal with the abject disappointment 90% of the time. This should be fun...right?




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