Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Further joinery

So, it seems this joint isn't as straight-forward as I'd hoped. Figures. I had a bit of a further look through (some) of the books, and the rarely mentioned Wood Joiner's Handbook by Sam Allen, which has delivered the goods before, has at least mentioned this one - calling it a Housed Carcass Pinning. He sez cut the tenons first  - which I'd have assumed was entirely arse backwards - then the housing, then the mortises. Which is 100% more information than many another book has got. It's a handy tome that one, and insanely cheap on the secondhand market - just ignore the endless use of unguarded tablesaurs and you're golden.

Anyway, nothing further to add at the moment - w'shop time is non-existant just now, however much I'd like to be trying fifteen different ways to cut that joint. And no, I really wouldn't. What I'd really like is all these woodworking geniuses (genii?) to branch out a little, stop telling me how to dovetail (I know that - I may not always get it right, but that's through my fault, not a lack of available instruction) and devote a little more DVD space on some hand-cut joinery that hasn't got a 1:8 slope involved. However, no blog post is truly complete without a picture, so let me not deny you.

Just as soon as my interweb connection hauls itself back out of the dark ages, I'll try and get a few other pics on here. Of some chisels. Various. Y'know, just in case anyone wanted to see the differences between, say, one make of chisel and another. Maybe a few comments on one make of chisel. Stuff like that.

But then again, you're probably not really interested.


  1. I agree with the mountains of info on dovetails. This isn't the only joint that will make a 90 degree corner. What about mortise and tenon and the 90 degree joint they make?

  2. Come on, Alf. Spill the beans about those chisels. The one in your picture looks decidely new...


  3. Would that chisel have Veritas written on it by any chance?

    Cheers ;-)

    Paul Chapman


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