Monday, September 23, 2013

Tea Tree

For the style-concious tea-swilling* woodworker, these might be just the ticket:

At least I assume they can take hot drinks; it doesn't actually say, does it? Of course you could make your own; if you're suitably roundy-spinny equipped - and talented - you could make something even better for the beverage of your choice. Or attempt to:
(Forgive the picture - it's ancient enough to have been on film. Wood is Mountain Laurel, iirc.)

It's just the attaching of the handle that can be a worry; hot drinks and epoxy, for instance, could be potentially disastrous. Hence my slight wondering about the resilience of that Japanese example; it's a lot of yen for a water mug. Good-looking though.

*Or coffee. This is an equal beverage-swilling blog.


  1. "Do not leave to soak" it says in the instructions.

    Now if it were vacuum resin impregnated, like those thar 'murican mallet jobs I'd buy one.

    1. Ah, now there's an idea. Would it impart any resin-y flavour though? Someone want to go and taste-test their Blue Spruce...?


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