Sunday, March 06, 2005

Ahhh, rust.

For the first time in what seems an age I came back from the car boot having actually bought something. Okay, so it's nothing major - a Marples honing guide (with instructions!) - but at least it wasn't a total washout. Also saw a Disston back saw that was virtually worn/rusted away, and for a moment I thought I'd found the Yankee hand drill, who's number escapes me, with the ratchet that I've always wanted. Well I had, but the ratchet mechanism was shot. :~( Oh well, I'm getting closer to one. The nearest I'd got before this morning was a "you should have been here yesterday, we had one of those drills which go forwards and backwards and stuff". Anyway you could say I found two great tools, just about 40 years too late to save them...

I Googled for the honing guide and found an example here. Now either I've just made the buy of the century and can expect a twelve-fold return on my investment, or they're a tiny bit optimistic... But if anyone reading this wants to offer me that much for it, it's a done deal. ;~)

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