Wednesday, March 02, 2005

*£$%&! plywood

Jewsons delivered easily the worst, and most expensive, Far Eastern ply I think I've ever had from them. Voids all over the place, patched like a quilt, and splinters out like it's trying to turn me into a pin cushion. Grrrr. Might give Travis Perkins a shot next time. On the plus side I decided to indulge in a few housings, or dados if you must, just so I could play with the router. Ooo, s'good. Looks bulky but doesn't feel like it when in use. The Wealden 1/2" straight did a nice job too, but the "Dakota" clamp guide was rather too tempremental for my taste. A nasty tendency to slip if you're not absolutely on the ball with it, while the old Clamp'n'guide was rock solid. Pretty glad I didn't pay full whack for the Dakotas.

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