Thursday, August 04, 2005

Nailed it

If you'd all be so good as to avoid asking after my progress, I'd be obliged. I will get round to finishing the you-know-what, really I will. Just not today. Instead I've updated the site a bit, including finally making some proper pages for the Spokeshave Kit and the Coffee Table. Eventually (hah!) I'm hoping to stop using direct links to the Gallery altogether, gather together my various handlemaking adventures in one place and generally tie in all the odd pages that don't currently have the overall style of the rest of the site.

Yes, that's right; I'm putting more effort into the style than the content... ;~D

This also seems a good moment to mention Woodworking magazine's Weblog on here, so I can find the details again if I lose them. Much interesting discussion thereon; the latest about nails is an interesting one. "The Handyman's Book" is a favourite of mine, but to my shame I've always skipped past the bit on nails. They've always been associated with inferior work in my mind, but the 'Murricans seem to have quite a different attitude to them. Not sure about the double pointed nail though, now I look at it. Sort of thing to make you really swear if you use recycled wood! Hmm, maybe I should nail those shelves in...

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