Sunday, August 14, 2005

Never rains but it pours

Well I'm just about recovered from the "do" on Friday. It all went very well; good food, beautiful weather and only one guest didn't make it. The Sixpenny Tables were well received by all and there were more than a few mutterings about commissions and such. As it is my brother asked me about a couple of bookshelves last year, and we finally got round to chucking a few ideas to and fro. The CD storage (aka "Media Centre") was handy in establishing simple frame & panel sides and walnut were both wanted, so that turned out to be useful. Once I get the required dimensions I can work out costs and see if walnut is suddenly ditched in favour of MDF... :~) Also discovered that my younger nephew is still into music, so another music stand is back on the cards for next may. Wonder if I've got enough cherry left over from the tables...?

Philly's mysterious postal delivery turned out to be a beautifully timed DVD (given my planned scheme to avoid insanity last week) but things being what they are, I didn't get a moment to watch any until yesterday. :~( The swish of plane across timber is rather too soothing after "the day after" and to my horror I found myself nodding off. So I still have that to look forward to! Thanks, Phil. I'll have to wait for the signed photo until November I s'pose... A week of great generosity last week, as Chris Schwarz, of PWW and Woodworking Magazine fame very kindly sent me 3 back issues of the latter to look at. I must mention his Blog more often... ;~D Alas my parents failed to plan ahead 50 years ago and clashed with the mags' arrival on Friday morning. Grrr... So I've those to look forward to as well. A brief flip through reminds me a good deal of the early black and white Fine Woodworking, which bodes well. No ads is going to take some getting used to though. Furniture & Cabinetmaking also arrived, and I see they too are planning a "new look". Ho hum. The price is also going up, so I feel even more smug about holding out on resubscribing until I was offered a year for just under £25. DC's article on face and edge marks looks like a good'un. So a busy week ahead, and that's without having to step into the workshop at all!

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