Monday, July 31, 2006

If I had a hammer

Warning - Website update contained herein.

Well the hammer handle phase has continued long enough to deal with my backlog of hammer handle orphans (viz: one) and knock up the inevitable page showing how I did it here. It may be another sign of my increasing insanity, but going from this:

to this:

doesn't seem to be a waste of time to me. Sure as hell beats faffing about with that #55, I know that for certain sure...

You may notice I had another go at the cross pein's handle - and managed to make it much worse in the process. Oh well, that's a useful lesson too I suppose; don't try messing with a handle shape once you've got the head fixed. Heigh ho.

The key thing now is to avoid getting The Bug and going round buying every unhappy hammer I see. I need another tool accumulation Slope like a hole in the head...


  1. That looks like a very nice result, Alf. In my experience the shape and balance of the handle of any hand tool is crucial to how well the tool works and how nice it is to use. You've certainly produced a handle there that looks good and looks "right". I bet it won't be the last one you make!

    Paul Chapman

  2. Paul, you're a scholar and a gentleman and I hope you're wrong about the last bit! ;~)


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