Saturday, July 15, 2006

Lost Afternoon

Right, website update first - Lewin Plane page all done, subject to further information coming to light.

Mike Hancock seems utterly determined that everyone possible should know about the Woodworking Great and Good who'll be gracing his Classic Hand Tools stand at Westonbirt at the end of August. I'd tell you every last detail, but mail troubles have resulted in my losing a whole raft of emails including that one. Anyway, sounds great, but there's not a hope in hell of my getting there. So I plug without affiliation, except I might ask Mike for commission...

Finally, spotted whilst I was having a bit of a goof at the referring pages that have brought readers to this blog, spare a thought for the poor woodworker who Googled for

repair sawn through workbench

Methinks there's a said tale behind that search, don't you? Naturally I'm reminded of the legendary occasion when Patrick Olguin (aka Paddy O'Deen) Sawed a Workmutt in Half. That inevitably leads to BIG hand plane in my mailbox (one for Philly...), Cutting Joinery on Long Boards etc etc, and the afternoon is, of course, lost. Heigh ho.


  1. Hi Al
    Love the #8 story-it seemed strangely familiar!
    Mike also emailed me-here is the applicable portion.....
    "I have Rob Cosman, Konrad Sauer, John Lloyd, Chris Pye, Philippe Borgeat,
    Norbert Facchin (top notch turners), Peter Berry, Michel Auriou and a few
    more intersting foreign guys demonstrating at Westonbirt this year. 25-28

  2. Thanks, Phil, that was the gist - it seemed to go on a lot longer than that though...

    BTW, it's all very well having moderated comments on your blog, but d'you ever actually let any of them through? ;~P

  3. I am a right one-should of left that button well alone! Needless to say we are back to normal now-thanks for pointing it out (I just thought it was quiet!!!)


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