Friday, January 05, 2007

Helping Hand

Getting cold feet on the tambour doors again. I keep telling myself the inital pain would pay dividends if I go all tamboured for the other cabinets, but it's oh-so tempting to give in and do something altogether more hand tool-friendly. I mean it's crazy to be making storage for hand tools and having to use the evil tailed router to do it, isn't it? Well it is, isn't it? Don't look at me like that...

Meanwhile the Canadian (or possibly just LV?) obsession with hands continues. Not content with making plane handles that are either too large or too small, now some of my photos have apparently been re-shot with someone's lovelier hands doing the work. This is the big time, boys - I have a stand-in! Terribly nicely put and it's hoped I don't mind etc etc. Naturally I don't mind. I simply laughed long and loud at the fact that apparently various employees have particularly photogenic apendages on the ends of their arms and "often act as hand models". I'm sorry, Mr Bloggs, you haven't got the job; the other guy had lovelier hands... Mind you if I have to see a therapist in about 20 years because I have psychological damage caused by an unhealthy preoccupation with my mitts then I know who's getting the bill.


  1. Tambour, tambour, tambour...Mainly 'cause I want to "watch" as ya do them! Anaysis paralysis. I usually have grandiose plans when I start shop storage or fixtures. I usually forgo the hassle and build something utilitarian--if not down right pedestrian. It is, after all, just a cabinet is what I tell myself.

    The only way I could get past that previous mentality for the chest I am going to make is by a desire to build something fine for myself. Good luck.

    "Lovlier hands" a chuckle outta that. For me, they would need the entire stand-in! Well, and the workspace stand-in. Heck, and a real photographer. Comes right down to it, I might as well send ideas in on a napkin and I could have a ghost writer as well...

    Take care, Mike

  2. Lovlier hands than "Fingers Frampton"???? Impossible ;)
    Someone isn't getting their own back for those handle comments, are they?.......;)
    who has a face for radio....

  3. Ooo, surely LV don't go in for revenge (photo) shooting? Hope not or I'm in real trouble...

    Worried, Alf
    Ideally suited to mime - in a blackout... :)

  4. And why would you need a router for a tambour top??
    As for the lovely hands I knew they designed their handles for someone specific, never suggested it was you or me.
    Cheers Mike (R)

  5. Don't let this influence your judgment ALF, but I REALLY want to watch you do the tambour door. Just like Mike does. You'd probably finish this thing up with 1000's of people kibitzing with their mouths hanging open in wonder. Nother thing, what about bragging rights? Don't forget that. Your tambour door tool cabinets would be right up there with Frank Klausz' bench.

    On the hand thang, LV is missing a chance. In a world full of spin and BS, LV could be a beacon of authenticity. As it usually is.


  6. Alf,

    You know you want to do it, we want you to do it, so why don't you just do it? ;-D

  7. Are you really trying to suggest that tambours did not exist before the age of the tailed router - surely not.

    Congrats on getting your own hand double. Will they sign the autographs too?



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