Thursday, April 19, 2007

Eyeball stretcher

In lieu of a coherant blog entry - and just to prove I am still here, albeit a bit quiet - a nice view from Trelissick Garden where we went this morning as "driving rehabilitation" for the Old Man and his Bionic Hip. We think looking towards Mylor, but don't quote me.

The eagle-eyed will quickly spot a do-it-yourself-panorama. Came out pretty well considering I had no tripod. The Carrick Roads were, as you can see, like a millpond. Pendennis Castle just visible as a low-lying lump on the headland to the left. All very beautiful, is not it?

Needless to say I got told off by The Powers That Be for viewing all the trees in the garden in terms of board footage...


  1. Good to hear that your Dad is making good progress with his new hip:)

    Nice picture.


    Paul Chapman

  2. You lucky person Alf. Must be nice to be able to enjoy it before the tourists turn up in droves - or haved you got tourists all year round now like we have?


    Happy to help.


  4. ALF,

    That is a beautiful estuary! When you mentioned about Carrick Roads looking like a millpond, is that because there are large tidal swings, and you were there at low tide?

    There must have been a fair amount of shipping going on there at one time--is there still?

    Beautiful part of the world, Cornwall. Is it supposed to get hotter, cooler, wetter, drier as the Gulf Stream weakens?

    Hope your Dad could enjoy the field trip to such a grand place.



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