Thursday, May 03, 2007


No, not that sort...

A car boot sale report as late as Thursday? Shocking. I plead dodgy internet access at my usual blogging time, although that's just one of a whole array of flimsy excuses... But enough of that.

Contrary to the historical picture of this Sceptred Isle being perpetually shrouded in mist and drizzle we seem to be experiencing a prolonged spell of bloomin' lovely weather in these parts. If it wasn't for aforementioned sloth etc I could be doing a car boot sale every day of the week I reckon, but as it is I restricted myself to Sunday and for the first time in months hooked up with The Tall Scotsman. Did I mention I now know his name? I won't spoil the mystery of the thing by telling you what it is but at least now I'm in a position to provide anyone coming down here hunting tools with at least one guaranteed means of finding someone who's at least seen some once... His cupboard was rather sparsely stocked you see. However...

Long-term readers may recall over a year ago I purchased a Stanley socket chisel from The TS? Here's the entry about it. Well after a year both our memories are evidentally shot because when he presented that same Marples chisel handle with a flourish we both thought it was the handle we'd been looking for - not that it was the handle we had but the chisel to go with it we were seeking. You see I own two bevel edge socket chisels, and the other one happens to be a Marples, so I thought that one was the chisel I must have bought from him. D'oh. I didn't even remember all that until after I'd fitted said handle to my Marples - and the spooky thing is it fits exactly, even unto the uneven line of the handle finish precisely matching the uneven line of the socket. But I'm sure I didn't buy it from him... I suppose Cornwall's tool-selling community is small and there's every chance they are indeed a pair that were separated at some point in the recent past.

A certain Yankee brace also persuaded me to look at non-wood-handled braces with rather less scorn than previously and I found myself stumping up the necessary lettuce for this pretty clean 10" example. Of course the ratchet sounds like a quartet of maracas players caught in a piece of agricultural machinery in comparison with the Yankee, but on the other hand it rather blew away my theory that CoMeT were the non-plane arm of the Anglo-Scottish Tool Co. The planes in question being trademarked "Rapier":

How can one walk away from a theory-obliterating tool? Well I couldn't anyway and it's as good an excuse as any other...

Interesting developments on the new plane front this week as well, but alas, all is cloaked and daggers await me should I reveal. In short I merely share this with you to annoy and tease. Mwhahahahahahaaaaaa...

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  1. Good to have you blogging again. Now what's all this about the new plane....?


    Paul Chapman


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