Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Socks on a squirrel

It seems the Natives are Restless. In mitigation, although I have sorely neglected the blog I've felt really guilty about it...

No? Oh, in that case it's tempting to go for the sympathy angle and claim a recurrence of "my old trouble", except
a) 99% of persons still checking this blog don't know what that is
b) Nothing on Earth will see me turning this blog into a wallow about it 'cos I do enough of that in real life
c) It sounds altogther too much like something Cissie Braithwaite and Ada Shufflebotham would discuss, and it's not!

Put it this way - I've been sleeping a lot and not finding the necessary energy to come up with something to blog about, nevermind actually doing something to blog about. Oh, except a couple of car boot sale visits; at one of which I managed to display Olympic standard absence of mind and completely forgot to visit the only regular tool dealer, and at the other I bought a couple of real dogs of planes and didn't even realise just how much was wrong with them until days afterwards. For is it not said, when feeling as if thine eyes cannot be kept open, visiting the dealers of tools is, in it's own way, as dangerous as turning on the tablesaw. I'll probably end up keeping both planes as a warning to myself on that one! Maybe I'll try and remember where the workshop is and take a few pics tomorrow and see if you can spot all the things wrong - the #10 is a masterclass in Common Problems to Beware Of so might actually prove useful.

On the up side I'm savouring the delights of the current issue of Woodworking magazine, particularly the boring article (look it's an obvious joke, I couldn't let it go unsaid, could I?) The interesting thing is I'd been thinking that something along those lines was sorely needed, but this just demonstrated how much I'd have failed to think to include if I'd had a bash at it so I'm glad I didn't. Plus I've never heard the phrase that a ratchet on a brace is as unnecessary as socks on a squirrel...

And thus with a flourish your correspondent finds another bizarre, and thus excellent, title for a blog entry. Still think the octopus trying to put on pantyhose has the top spot though. ;)


  1. Ah, my Alf fix...all is well with my little world now...but doesn't sound so for you.

    And a forthcoming test of observation! What's not to like about that [g].

    Take care, Mike

  2. Alf,

    Great to hear from you--I was fixing to drop you a PM to check up on your whereabouts.

    Whoever said a ratchet isn't needed on a brace must use a lectric driver for under the counter, in crawl spaces, near floor or ceiling, between joists or up against a wall, or in innumerable other tight enclosures. And also does not use said brace as a screwdriver--which is the best occupation for a brace IMO.

    Wiley....winding down rant

    P.S. Welcome back, we missed you.


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