Friday, August 31, 2007


Not to brag or nuffink, but some tangible progress has definitely been made concerning tool cleaning. Not that any of them are sharp or ready to use, but at least they look a lot better. Remember these two?

Better without the orange paint, no? :) EDIT: Okay, so I've earned a "sheesh" over on WoodNet for removing the orange paint. Yes, I confess I had strong suspicions it was "factory", but, heck, it just looks horrible to me and ths plane ain't never gonna trouble a collector anyway. But I'm very sorry if the removal of this original finish upsets anyone. Perhaps it's small payback for all those annoying people who strip back perfectly good Records and Stanleys and repaint them... Or perhaps not. Either way, with the general trend of this plane purchase my first plane-finishing "sheesh" was just about inevitable, don't you think? :)

"New" correct cap iron, new handles and you can actually tell it's blue now! Still a Record/Stanley hybrid, but I have hopes it'll work just fine.

If you've got a sufficiently long memory you might remember the I Sorby back saw - you'll likely never see a clearer Mr Punch mark, every detail is visible. One of my favourites.

Just for once I remembered to do a few more pics of cleaning the 14" back saw so you can get a real before and after idea. Researching the name stamped on the back threw up a surprise answer too.

But that'll have to wait until Monday...


  1. Alf,

    Nice work, the planes look so different for a clean. I have a few old saws I have bought to practise filing might just try the critic acid as well.
    That is a very good Mr Punch, best frame it. :)

  2. Dave, hold hard on the citric acid with saws - I know it's a bad idea with electrolysis but I have my doubts with citric acid too. It's probably telling that all the saw rehabbing "pros" favour using abrasives and elbow grease. These were done entirely by hand - the blades take much less time than taking all the paint spots off the handles anyway! :)

  3. Hi Alf

    I love makers' stamps too and think it's sad that so few modern makers take the time to stamp their name into the hot metal. Even prestigious brands just seem to use a rubber stamp. BTW, you did know that the "I Sorby" name was bought and used by C & J Turner, didn't you? Regards. Evergreen

  4. Evergreen, I didn't no. I've got the Turner Naylor & Co and Turner Naylor & Marples connection okay but don't seem to have a C & J Turner at all. Got any more deats? I'm all too well aware just how much of this sort of info I don't have.


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