Sunday, September 07, 2008

Groovy news for lefties

At the risk of turning into a Veritas infomercial again, I see that there is news that a left-handed version of the plough plane (plow plane, 'Murricans) is going to be made available. A few months yet 'parently, but should any sinister folks want to hold off don't say you weren't told.

Must admit I'm a smidgeon surprised that there's market enough to make it worthwhile, while at the same time not being surprised that LV would be the firm to cater for these weird persons who haven't had their cack-handedness beaten out of them at an early age... ;-)  It certainly makes for a truly unique metal plough; at least I don't believe there ever was a left handed example in production before. And one metal plow I won't, in theory, want to buy. I suppose at that point I really find out if I'm a collector or not...


  1. I think that's excellent news, Alf. I'm not left-handed but my son is (not that he's particularly interested in woodworking) and there are many left-handers in my and my wife's family. Left-handers might be in a minority but it's a sizeable minority. Well done, LV - let's hope your lead starts a trend. Left-handers must get fed up with making do.....

    Cheers ;-)

    Paul Chapman

  2. I believe (and now wait to have that belief shot down in flames) that the 'Murricans have a much hihger proportion of lefties than is found over here. That would make the production of such a plane more understandable.

  3. Nick - 'Murrican's have a higher proportion of lefties? Could it be that they are genetically different and that eventually it will be impossible for them to have viable offspring with folk from the other side of the pond? Or is it something in their drinking water that causes it? Yes, I'm teasing. Just thought it was a funny comment. (Grin)


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