Sunday, December 27, 2009

Secret Santa part one

Or how it isn't always better to give than to receive...

This gorgeous hand screw/Jorgensen-a-like-but-better was under the tree from my UK Workshop forum Secret Santa. Jaws are 6 1/4" long. I've got it next to me here at the 'puter and keep stopping to play with it. Lubbly jubbly. Only downside is this is really starting to tip the number of tools I have which are far too good for the workshop into the danger zone. Either I need a posher w'shop - or a display cabinet... ;)


  1. What a beautifull handscrew that is!
    good for you!

  2. Ouch. Whoever made that has full metal working facilities. Making metal spheres requires a lathe AND a complex attachment. Balls - no it does, really (bah-boom - tish!)

    And clamps like that require matching left and right hand threads, which ain't trivial.

    In short - wow!



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