Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pro-pet Production

Yes, I know; been a bit of a hiatus. Again. My apologies. It's not even as if I've not been in the workshop; I have but principally on the aforementioned Secret Santa thingie which remains under wraps. And the other stuff has been largely parrot-related.

New ladder for PJ for instance. A tour de force in its field, I don't doubt, but not exactly great woodwork. Alas I only had softwood dowel about my person for the rungs, so he's already crunching his way through those. Actually there's been a fairly spirited attempt on the beech uprights too... Then there was drilling holes through about 50 blocks of cardboard so that, they too, can be torn to shreds. Oh, and my own DIY version of the Buddy Perch - yours for thirty smackeroonies *gasp*, or in my case, about tuppence ha'penny using old cage bits and pieces and a natty dowel screw/threaded insert combo. And a few hundred quid's worth of tools. (Is it me, or is that a flaw in the money-saving aspect...?) Amazingly it does actually work - eventually, when the suspicion of something new was overcome - and I can now get PJ to where I want him to be without risking losing a finger. Yippee!

The closest I've got to even slightly proper woodwork is this little gizmo - I got to use a #044 and everything. Sigh. But even that was such a rush job it's a long way from beautiful. If I find a moment, it'd be nice to replace the knobs with something turned instead, f'rinstance. Maybe something fancier than those bits of dowel too... But it is functional. The question is what function? I'll leave you to ponder on that one...


  1. Well, I imagine that the two pieces with "L" and "C" on them slide across to cover or reveal the read and green discs. So I guess it's an indicator to show whether you've left a light on or locked up, or something like that.

    Anyway, who cares - the main thing is you're making stuff.......

    Cheers ;-)

    Paul Chapman

  2. I'm guessing a dishwasher status alert: Loading and Clean?


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