Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Names were duly put in the hat for the Lee Valley Veritas catalogues and two lucky winners drawn by an independent hand. She even closed her eyes to make absolutely sure of fairness - and missed the hat. The second and third attempts were more successful though, and thus Paul C's and Nick W's letter boxes are the ones to haunt if you want to intercept a copy. Or wait until they can't resist ordering something, and then intercept that perhaps... ;)

In other news, the push to finish the saw till doors meant that other things dropped down the To Do List. Naturally they've bubbled back up to the top and demand to be done. So I will get to the w'shop again, just... not quite yet. It has nothing at all to do with hiding behind the sofa from the prospect of building a bench. Nosir. Perish the thought.

Okay, maybe a tiny bit. But I'll deny it if challenged.

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