Wednesday, September 01, 2010

sTill not done

After a certain amount of Real Life getting in the way, I finally got to levelling up the frames. After trying the Chinese #3 - which made lovely floaty shavings but was too slow; then the #5 1/2 - which was quicker, but then (Aaargh) managed to turn one stile into tear out city on the last pass (Why is it always the last pass?); I turned to a York pitch via the BUPP, known to the rest of the world as the Lee Valley Veritas Low Angle Jack. I love that plane. Honestly, it'll be the #5 1/2 in one hand and the BUPP in the other when they come to put me six feet under. Do I like 2 1/4" wide irons in a jack plane-sized plane? Yessir, I do indeed.

Anyway, the BUPP breezed through the job. Yes, so I had to remove a fraction of rust from it with one of those excellent Garryflex blocks first (it's been a while, for heaven's sakes), but you'd never know. Which is good, because someone with a rusty BU jointer on WoodNet ended up being sent a replacement body by El Presidente, and nothing will get me tapping another hole in a BU jack body just because some Canadian dude takes customer service to extremes like that. Nosir. ;) Anyway, whispy shavings, flush joints, wipe on a speck of shellac, yadda yadda:

So the rails are rather more noticeably different that I'd expected, but that may be partially because the panels aren't as noticeably stripy as I'd expected. In other words I'd assumed the whole thing would look like the patchwork it is, and instead it's not nearly as bad as it should be. But no matter, press on regardless.

Except now I have the twin horrors of
  1. Emptying the saw till in order to take it down to fit the doors. And...
  2. Hanging doors.
I don't like hinges. In truth I've not had much chance to acquire the taste for them, but the limited experience I do have is not encouraging. I have an indecent amount of piano hinge, so that's going to damn well get used, no matter what. Other than that, my plan is... fluid. If anyone has any wise words on the matter before I start, the comments box awaits you with open arms. No rush - I can feel myself hitting a wall of prevarication... (ETA: Or, as a commenter notes, perhaps I meant procrastination. Knowing me, I may well yet manage to indulge in both ;)


  1. Alf:

    You may not want to read the new post by Konrad Sauer about installing the new quick release Veritas shoulder vice on a bench that is only 60 inches long. No, you would want to see another option for your bench. Choices, Choices :)

    A Canadian Lurker

  2. "prevarication"? A wall of lying? I would think that procrastination might be more up your alley!

  3. Yeah, that's the blighter. Although thinking about it, perhaps my sub-conscious was aware that I could well end up claiming I'll get this thing finished "tomorrow" for days to come...

    The new Veritas quick release tail vice did nearly get a billet on the Bench That Will Eventually Be - but unlike Konrad, I couldn't come up with a sensible way round the lack of overhang. Regrets? Yeah, maybe, but I'm seriously considering dropping thoughts of a second vice at all. What's useful about Konrad's bench is it's 5ft long, so I can get an idea of what that looks like. And I think it might look like an Emmert vice with bench attached...


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