Friday, March 08, 2013

Ugly Tree

Gosh, I'm flying through this job, aren't I? I do hope you're keeping up...

Waddaya mean, "What's changed?" That bit bottom left wasn't there before. See? Total pig to do it was too, and, ye gods, it's as ugly as sin. The drawback to using the materials available, and making it knockdownable, is the hideous result. On the other hand, that's three planes no longer in rust-beckoning cardboard boxes.

Although the rebate plane may yet be thrown back in there, as it's already bitten me and I have yet to put it to wood. Cheeky blighter.

First try at using pigeonhole type storage, so we'll see how that goes. If I like it, I've definitely learnt a useful thing, in that planes take up quite different spaces than you think they do. Again, the rebate plane is the culprit here, turning out to require that much more space than I'd thought. Fortuitously, the flexibility of the rather snug divider allows just enough leeway to angle it slightly and make it fit. (Yes, it looks like it's curving because, well, it is curving.) The stupid ex-kitchen cabinet design then throws a centre strut into the mix, which I initially thought to work around. Somehow. In the end it was easier to cut the pigeonholes short, and give myself the opportunity of seeing whether really narrow slots for shoulder planes are actually practical.

Mistake? Nooooo. That's what we at Alf Towers call a Design Opportunity...

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