Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Working wood

Onslaught of a heavy cold equals the only wood-working I'm currently interested in being thus:

Home-grown eucalyptus and such providing the heat, which is rather satisfactory. Mind you, the heat is even more satisfactory. If I did more actual projects, I could get shot of a lot of mistakes this way...


  1. Mein Gott! From "Everybody's got to start somewhere" to this post, I have just spent every evening for the last several reading all the trials , tribulations and rust gathering prowess available here at chez Alf! I have learnt more than I have in the past year, been sent on Internet journeys un-thought-of previously, and increased my Wish List at Lee Valley a dozen-fold, all thanks to the Musings provided, gratis, by your august personage.

    I just thought to proffer thanks, Dear Lady of the Woodworking and Reviewing Expertise, for an entertaining fortnight. I look forward to future musings!

    David Taylor, Exeter (New Hampshire, US of A, not the other, original Exeter!)

    1. Crikey, David, I don't know whether to give you a medal or offer you counselling... ;)

  2. I'll take your counseling :) I think it would make for some interesting sessions. And, you could add Therapist to your list of honorary titles!


  3. I do have to say that I would probably travel across the Pond to attend any therapy session you might lead. I assume a decent Scotch would be required for admission to the sanctum santorum?


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