Thursday, May 16, 2013


Forgive me, reader; it really wasn't supposed to be this long since my last conf- er, entry. What's that Latin motto? "Art is long, life is short"? Well days are long, hours are short. Someone render that in Latin and I'll fail to find some time to render it with carved serifs and wotnot.

Anyway, at the risk of this being old news if I was more in touch with current woodworking events, I tripped over the website of photographer Steve Kenward, and specifically his project entitled Made Not Manufactured. Essentially going around the UK, meeting and photographing various craftspersons at work. Workshops, tools, skilled work? What's not to like there? Fascinating stuff. Only drawback is, naturally enough when selling the pics is your livelihood, the available size of photographs doesn't let you get as much detail as you might wish. No matter, 'tis good stuff and I've already spent several moments of downtime on there, absorbing.

And also coveting a knotworker's hammer handle. Which is not (or knot) something I ever envisioned saying. I feel ashamed that I have made such pedestrian hammer handles, and now have "decorative hammer handle" on the To Do List.

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  1. Decorative hammer handle has just been added to my list of things to do as well! Thanks for sharing that.



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