Friday, November 26, 2004

Did you miss me?

No, not here, on my erstwhile virtual home, UKWorkshop. I decided, for sake of what passes for my own sanity, to pack in the moderating for a bit. I expected maybe one "why, oh why?", but not a sausage. I don't think the majority have even noticed. All danger of my ego ever over-inflating has just been effectively dashed at any rate. Heigh ho. Lots of entries to the quiz to win the first reviewed DVD, which is nice, and David's response to said review was so underwhelmed I think I must have got the balance about right. Kinda wish I'd made more of the plane being nobly relinquished for the cause by yours truly now as well; just apparently passing on a twenty quid DVD seems a bit mean, but I'm confident I'll get my reward in heaven. Or at least time off for good behaviour in hell... Hmm, maybe you only get time off for bad behaviour there? No worries then; got them coming and going.

On a more woodworking theme, finally finished the un-paired pair of candlesticks. Reaction from TPTB is muted, so I think they probably really are as bad as I think they are. [sigh] Never mind, eh? At least the camera's broken so I don't have to take a picture of them... On a more genuinely positive note, I've discovered that Yew is mucho nice to turn, and I have about half a dozen large free pieces of it in the potting shed. Huzzah! I really am the world's lousiest turner tho', so maybe I should consider sawing them into small planks for boxes... So much to do, so little time.

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