Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Slacker than a slack thing

Why do I always do this? It's the same with diaries; I start off full of virtuous resolution and within seconds I've let everything slide. Forgive me Blog, it's been two weeks since my last confession...

But where was I? Ah yes, the show. It was good. Very good. I didn't wear my hat, which may have helped. Met up with a load of the UK Workshop crowd as agreed, and apparently only one had a nasty "Alf is a woman?????" shock. Also said howdy to David Charlesworth (name dropper that I am) and tentatively agreed to review his first two DVDs. Also made my number with Martin, who was sporting a Utilikilt. It takes a certain amount of nerve to introduce yourself to a strange bloke wearing a skirt, I can tell you... Subsequently heard from BB (who gave me an excellently improved cutting gauge, bless him) that T L-N had spoken to him and was disappointed not to meet me. Gulp. Fame at last, eh? Too bad it isn't 'cos I'd won £20 million on the lottery like I've always dreamed... Managed to bankrupt myself by not being able to resist a set of Thomas' chisels. Hum-ed and hah-ed over them for ages. Fingered them. Went away. Came back again. I swear they must have thought I was waiting to nick something. Finally took the plunge and thought "I wonder what unexpected expenses will now appear?"

Car windscreen got cracked on the return journey. Camera's bust. Parrot food's gone off.

Anyway I'm now wrestling with the reviews of DC's DVDs. Who'd have thought he'd get such a move on? I was expecting a call some time in February about them, so I'm now up to my eyeballs in trying to find sensible things to say while trying not to get depressed about all the Crimbo pressies I haven't even started on. Oi vey.

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