Thursday, April 28, 2005

Hear ye, the word of the Bevel Up Plane

What's all this bevel up stuff anyway?

Grrrr... I blame all together too many vicars and ministers in my ancestry. Why must I feel this compulsion to convert everyone? So what if they don't "get" bevel up planes. No skin off my nose. Not me missing out on a Good Thing. But it gets to me. Especially when people say they're Not Especially Good Actually, without declaring if they've tried one. Or not... And especially if they haven't tried a higher angle blade in one when that's one of the main advantages. Okay, so up until, what? Six months ago? I wasn't at all convinced either. But I didn't go round telling other people they were part of a craze - simply because I hadn't tried what they had. Don't get me started on comparing apples with kumquats whatever you do...

Rant over. I imagine, if anyone ever actually reads this, I can expect comments.


  1. Alf-don't feel bad! When you experience "a good thing" you can't help sharing! Bevel-up planes are definitely a "good thing" in my book.
    Unfortunately a lot of people have truly to "get" the finer points of planes (henceforce the "how few planes can I get away with" questions. As if....)The more planes you use ( and live with) the more you identify the plus and minus points of different tools.
    Keep up the good work (and congrats on a great looking web-site)

  2. Good lord! So I hadn't completely fouled up the comments box with my tinkering with the code then. That's a relief :~)

    Ah Philly, you speak in words of wisdom, but the blood rushes to my head, the eyes bulge and I tend to fume at the screen. Pity I don't have a webcam really - I could sell tickets... Thanks for the kind words, and ditto (Phillsville link on the "Links" page of my site, for the benefit of any passing strangers)


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