Friday, April 29, 2005

Cherry ripe

Possibly a record, but I've started on the initial stock prep for the side tables; and the timber only got delivered last Thursday! Okay, so only the 2" stuff for the legs - I've yet to tackle the 1", which will require more careful selection of where to cut for figure and so forth. And I don't actually have a finished drawing to work from yet either, but that's just a minor detail... Of course I got so immersed in what I was doing, I forgot to take pics except for this really interesting one... D'oh!


  1. It appears your image link(s) are dead in the archives around here. As is the error handler on the server.
    I'm leaving a note just in case some notification gets through and this is an issue you care about.

  2. Hi xtl, on the off chance you pop back! Yeah, I know the links are down - unfortunately a hosting change meant the album died the death and the prospect of trying to correct all the dead links, well it's slightly less than likely to happen I'm afraid. But thanks for the heads-up.


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